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June 18, 2024

SEO Performance Case: Elevating Brand Awareness for Refurbished Toners

One of my most rewarding projects involved helping a client increase brand awareness for their line of refurbished toners, emphasizing their environmental benefits and cost savings compared to original toners.

SEO Performance, Digital Marketing, Web Design


The client wants to create an SEO strategy focused on the benefits of their brand of refurbished toner.

The client’s previous website was outdated and not effectively communicating the brand’s value proposition. Our goal was to revamp the website and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve visibility and attract potential customers.


Increase brand presence in search engines and increase the number of qualified leads.

Starting with intense market research, identify top keywords, placements and themes related. Armed with insights, I refined their brand message for authenticity and resonance. 

Also help us to identifying technical problems within the site to improve the user experience.

Strategy focus

Collaboration and research

Working closely with teams from design, IT, and sales, we embarked on creating a new, modern website. We conducted thorough keyword research to identify high-relevance keywords that would drive traffic and resonate with our target audience. These keywords were strategically integrated into the website content.

Website optimization

To enhance user experience, we made significant improvements to the site’s navigation, layout, and overall usability. Additionally, we implemented monitoring tools to promptly address any indexing issues that could hinder our SEO efforts.

Link building and campaign launch

We launched an aggressive link-building campaign, securing high-quality backlinks to boost our site’s authority and relevance. Simultaneously, we initiated targeted social media and Google Ads campaigns to amplify our reach and drive immediate traffic.


Within days of launching these initiatives, we began receiving leads from businesses interested in our recycling program.

The combined efforts of on-page optimization, improved user experience, and strategic link building significantly increased the brand’s visibility and credibility in the market.

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