SEA Strategy Case: Sistemedia New Shop

June 18, 2024

Ads Strategy : Boosting Online Sales by 65% Through Strategic Targeting

Sistemedia (Guatemala)


Increase the number of orders in his online store, shifting focus from physical purchases to online sales.

This was particularly challenging because the new physical store was located far from the city center, deterring many customers from visiting. Additionally, the client had recently renewed their online store and updated their brand design.

The complexity of their inventory—506 different office products, each with unique technical specifications—added another layer of difficulty. For instance, certain models of paper rolls were compatible only with specific devices, with further subtypes for each size, making it hard to create generic marketing strategies.


Increase online sales by targeting low-funnel customers who already had prior knowledge of the products or were looking for something specific from the inventory.

This focus was intended to increase the average ticket size by attracting customers who knew exactly what they wanted and ensuring they found it in the online store.


We conducted an in-depth analysis to identify the "star products"—those with which customers interacted the most.

We identified related keywords and crafted ads targeted at dynamic attributes such as URL, ensuring the ads were highly relevant to the specific needs of these low-funnel customers.

The strategy was to create campaigns that were highly specific and targeted, making it easier for customers to find and purchase exactly what they needed.


In the first two months, online sales grew by 65%, surpassing traditional in-store sales and proving the effectiveness of our targeted strategy.

This success not only increased the client’s revenue but also enhanced their online presence and customer engagement, solidifying the shift towards a more robust online sales model.

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